Cardi B explains why she didn’t want WAP to win a Grammy

This is why she didn’t submit the song of the summer, year and century for Grammy consideration in 2020.

by Roisin Lanigan
30 November 2020, 10:51am

Ever since the Grammy noms were announced last week, music fans have had a lot to say about the bangers and banger-creators missing from the list. Rina Sawayama, for one, was missing from the 2021 nominations, as was Halsey, who has since spoken about her snub, saying cryptically that for the awards circuit, “it’s not always about the music”. One other notable absence was Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s song of the summer “WAP”. But it turns out Cardi herself isn’t that arsed about the whole thing. 

In fact, she didn’t even bother submitting “WAP” for Grammy consideration, and is much more concerned about her forthcoming album, which will, she promises, be full of even more “WAP”-level bops. Speaking on Instagram Live earlier this week, Cardi said, “I’m not pressed for nothing.” 

“I never pressed for a Grammy,” the star explained to fans. “If I was pressed for a Grammy, I would have submitted “WAP” for this year, and I didn’t. I don’t want to be submitted for award shows until I put out my album because I think my album is so good. It means something.” 

The forthcoming album in question will be Cardi’s first release since her 2018 debut, Invasion of Privacy. And in true Cardi style, she’s fully confident that the follow up she’s been squirrelling away at during quarantine will be even better than the groundbreaking record she gave us two years ago. Tbh, Grammy or not, we cannot wait. 

Cardi B