2020, as told in memes

It's been a bad year for mental health which, inevitably, means it's been a banner year for shitposting.

by Eilidh Duffy
23 December 2020, 10:08am

If nothing else, 2020 was a banner year for memes. When the lockdown hit in March, life was suddenly exclusively online – including any kind of social interaction. And with social media comes the meme. For those of us who weren’t working or were suddenly working from home, memes became the ultimate solace. Feel that dark cloud of anxiety begin to form around you? Just switch on your phone and indulge in a wave of absurd escapism.

How to define the memes of 2020? You can’t. There are too many. Memes are too specific, subjective and personal. They are the language through which emotions that cannot be put into words are symbolically represented. So how could you narrow down the emotional journey of the entire English-speaking world into just a few images? It’s impossible.

I won’t insult you by pretending I am some kind of authority on memes, but I have been saving the ones which really made me feel some stuff this year. Memes which have left me with an inexplicable feeling of having been seen, heard and understood by the community of the internet. The crème de la crème of shitposts, if you will.

My 2020 resolution is to throw off the shackles of domestication and become completely feral

I don’t think many of us knew what a coronavirus was at this point but I think this one totally predicted the year, right?

When you’re on day two of your self-quarantine but your 8th bottle of wine

If this wasn’t you then I don’t know what you were doing.

Who remembers places?

A few weeks into quarantine and this one really hit home.

Moss Covered Rocks

This one was emotional for real.

I may not show it but the historical event I’m living thru really be giving me long term mental health issues

Did the pandemic expose all the underlying issues I already had, or did it cause them? It’s a chicken or egg dilemma really.

Babe ur in the middle of a conversation…

Who still feels like this?

Every day I put on my silly little outfit and do my silly little tasks

Who also still feels like this?

Coming back to the zoom after throwing up in the bathroom

This one’s for all of you who had to quarantine alone x.

You’re finally awake!

If only…

Just want to do this to my friends again


No clubs open until we find the vaccine

Speaks for itself really.

This is a plan

Winter came at some point. Can’t really remember what summer was like. Did it even happen? When was I last outside? Not sure.

Happy no knowledge November!

If ever there was a meme to sum up the nothingness of the month of November this would be it.

Damn shawty

This one just got me.

42 days until 2021

I actually totally forgot that 2021 was inevitably going to happen until a week or so ago. I still don’t know how I feel about it.