Not Timothée Chalamet and Luca Guadagnino making a movie about cannibalism

Four years after 'Call Me By Your Name', the duo are rumoured to reunite on the coming-of-age horror, 'Bones & All'.

by Douglas Greenwood
29 January 2021, 10:43am

Director Luca Guadagnino, right now one of Hollywood's busiest men — with a Scarface remake, a Brideshead Revisited TV show, the Call Me By Your Name sequel and a slew of movies as a producer on the go — has just said "Fancy another one?", and given the girls what we've long been waiting for. Apparently, he's working on another collaboration with our king, Timothée Chalamet. What's more, he'd be making Timmy's first horror movie, and it's all about cannibalism.

Though they are purely heavily substantiated industry rumours at this point, it's thought that Timothée Chalamet and Waves star Taylor Russell will be joining forces on Bones & All as co-leads. The movie, based on a YA book by Camille DeAngelis, follows Maren Yearly, a young motherless woman as she tries to find her father, who she hopes may have the answers as to why she's overcome with cannibalistic lust whenever someone falls for her. Though cast roles haven't been announced, it seems like Taylor has been cast as Maren, while Timothée will likely play one of the victims of her fleshy obsession.

The script has been written by Dave Kajganich, who wrote the screenplay for Luca's past projects, 2015's A Bigger Splash and 2018's Suspiria. It may seem like odd territory on the surface — all of Luca's adaptations to date have been celebrated books or movies, and he's never delved into YA before, but it does make sense. In fact, it's the coalescence of all of his major projects to date: romance (Call Me By Your Name), horror (Suspiria) and youth (his HBO series, We Are Who We Are).

Of course the internet is in uproar about the timing of the announcement for, well, obvious reasons, but Luca famously doesn't play it safe with his work. So, will Bones & All be the next project we see from him?

It may be that the project, which feels more self-contained and cerebral than something sprawling and extravagant like Suspiria, could get shot in a matter of weeks before production starts on his BBC Brideshead Revisited series in spring (which will star Andrew Garfield and Rooney Mara). But knowing Luca's desire to hoard projects and drip feed them to us, we may be waiting a little while longer before we see him rock up to the Oscars anytime soon. Either way, give us the Timothée Chalamet cannibal movie, stat.

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