Of course there’s an Instagram account dedicated to the Duke from Bridgerton’s spoon

2020 is well and truly over, Connell’s chain found dead in a ditch.

by Roisin Lanigan
06 January 2021, 11:13am

Still from Bridgerton (2020)

2021 is upon us, and so is a third national UK lockdown, which means the circumstances are ripe for both Netflix bingewatching and advertising our unquenchable, cooped-up-inside-horniness to the world via social media. That is to say, we are six days into the New Year and of course there is already a thirsty Instagram account solely dedicated to the spoon used by Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings. 

Played by Regé-Jean Page in Shonda Rhimes runaway success period drama -- which has already been streamed by 63 million horny households around the world -- the Duke of Hastings, and his endless sex scenes with beautiful but frustratingly dull Daphne Bridgerton, has overtaken 2020’s Connell Waldron as our fictional sex symbol du jour. And just as Connell’s chain became a totem for our collective sexual frustration, so too has the spoon that the Duke of Hastings spends but a brief moment licking in a close-up shot. 

What’s all the more weird about this particular stan account -- @thedukesspoon -- is that, unlike Connell’s signature accessory, it’s inspired by one particular shot in one particular scene. And although it’s only racked up five posts so far, it’s got over 3,000 followers. This reveals one of two things: 

1 - That the Duke of Hastings’ sexual power vastly outstrips the sadboi horny vibes Normal People sustained us long-suffering social animals with during 2020, or; 

2 - That the pandemic needs to end soon or our horniness will spiral totally out of control. Case in point: we are lusting over crockery. 

But which! This truly is a case for Lady Whistledown.

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