Najwa Nimri pour BIMBA Y LOLAfor

See a new film about festive deliveries with a celebrity cast

BIMBA Y LOLA's latest campaign features Najwa Nimri, known for Netflix drama Money Heist, alongside Pamela Anderson and Jon Kortajarena.

by Claire Beghin
07 December 2020, 5:11pm

Najwa Nimri pour BIMBA Y LOLAfor

This year, the festive season is looking quite different — out with family gatherings, in with meals for two. Spanish designers BIMBA Y LOLA have leant into this weirdness with their latest video campaign, which stars Najwa Nimri, who you may know from Netflix’s Money Heist — she plays the master negotiator. With no robbery in sight, the Spanish actress and singer plays a dynamite sales consultant who doles out relationship advice alongside the brand’s playful handbags.

“I believe that from a certain age, every woman is capable of versatility. Changing is a matter of survival” says Najwa, who has always had an enthusiastic relationship with fashion. “As an actress, fashion is absolutely essential to me, it is part of creating a role, an image.” For BIMBA Y LOLA, Najwa switches from black dress to glittering top, pop sweatshirt to vinyl jacket, starred headband and jeweled shoes. “In everyday life, I’d rather wear a uniform, but I can still spend entire seasons experimenting, searching for new looks, sartorially searching within myself. Especially when it comes to a role”.

What the actress likes about BIMBA Y LOLA is the subtle mix of fun and elegance. The messages carried by the brand are quite surreal, and the clothes can be both easy-to-wear and dressed up, a rare combo, but one perfect for whatever this holiday season brings you.