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by Felix Petty
08 March 2017, 4:55pm

Comeback of the week: Lorde, Green Light
Lorde is back! She's making piano house! She's dancing in the street! She's sticking her head out the window of an Uber XL! Watch out Lorde! Who would've thought her massive comeback single would've been a walloping, lolloping, piano house anthem. Fingers crossed for an extended 12" acid remix to surface soon. For the heads.

Image via Instagram

First piece of boob related news of the week: Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj, apparently still alive after being brutally mauled by Remy Ma, is showing how little she cares for your bourgeois morality and restrictive ideas of what is acceptable dress by rocking up at Haider Ackermann's autumn/winter 17 show at Paris Fashion Week with one whole boob exposed. Her nipple covered with a reflective silver square. This has wormed it's way into the cultural round-up, not as a way of shamelessly chasing hits with tits, but because Nicki has apparently drawn inspiration for her new look from Picasso's La Femme A l'Éventail, one of the painter's early, Cezanne inflected masterpieces.

Image via Twitter

Second piece of boob related news of the week: Emma Watson vs Feminism
There are a lot of tits out there it seems. Or rather, misogynists makes a boob out of themselves online. For daring to wear a slightly underboob revealing top in a fashion image, Hermione Grainger has been dragged to Azkaban and back.

Not content with leaving the trolling to Breitbart crypto-fascist red pillers, the Beyhive have joined in, calling out Emma Watson for being a hypocrite, after she apparently said something mean about Beyonce in 2013 in an issue of Wonderland. Happy International Women's Day everyone!

Soul warming news of the new week: Chance gives 1m to Chicago schools
Bless Chance the Rapper, or more accurately Chance the Donator, who has dipped into his pockets and had a little root around the back of the sofa, found a spare milli, and decided that the youth is the future. This comes on the back of the news that Chicago School Board is $200m short of its budget. Seeing the boys at town hall weren't doing enough, Chance stepped up.

Image via nypl.org

Lou Reed news of the week: Lou Reed's archive donated to NY Public Library
Laurie Anderson has donated the archive of her late husband Lou Reed to the fine people of New York. The archive, which features ephemera, records, photos, over 3000 audio and another 1000 video recordings, is finding a home at NY Public Library. The Velvet Underground founder, Bowie collaborator, all around cool guy who even found time to make an album with Metallica in a long and varied career. To celebrate, the library will host events and exhibitions over the next few weeks to celebrate and showcase Reed's life and work.

Image courtesy of Project Native Informant

Exhibition of the week: Hal Fischer at Project Native Informant
Hal Fischer's Gay Semoitics is currently on display at London's Project Native Informant. The seminal works from the 70s explore all the finer details and fashion intricacies of the leather daddies, basic gays, and queer cowboys who roamed the artist's native San Fran. So put on your leather perfecto and slide an orange bandana in the back pocket of your 501s and get down to Project Native Informant.

Gig of the week: All those afterparties The xx have organised for their Brixton residency
Not content with whacking out a load of shows Brixton, The xx are putting on a whole load of Brixton-based events. It is literally too much. There is cinema stuff, charity stuff, after parties featuring Joy Orbison, Sampha, Benji B, Bok Bok, Kelela, Oneman, a six hour Jamie xx DJ set, a collaboration with Reprezent Radio. It all sounds very fun, and very exhausting. More information here.


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