snoop dogg’s son is following in his dad’s multitalented footsteps

Model, filmmaker, businessman, potential Plizzanet Earth star? Get to know Cordell Broadus.

by Georgie Wright
01 August 2017, 7:35am

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Most 20-year-olds wouldn't get their dad to DJ at their debut fashion show, maybe because most dads would use the opportunity to whack on Journey and shred the air guitar solo as hard as their chronic RSI allows.

But then Cordell Broadus is not most 20-year-olds, and his dad is not most dads -- his dad is Snoop Dogg. But Cordell is much more than just 'Snoop Dogg's son'. He's getting stuck into a slew of diverse creative projects -- and not just in the 'let's get bejazzlin'' kind of way. He's carving a polymathic path to rival even his dad's diverse portfolio, which includes the likes of hip hop mogul/90s icon/baking enthusiast. We caught up with Cordell to discuss the many pies he's got his fingers in, how his dad's helped cook these up, and in the process brainstorm a few different titles for business cards.

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Cordell Broadus -- Snoop-Approved Streetwear Creative Director
Cordell recently collaborated with streetwear brand Joyrich to design a 90s inspired line and, unlike a few other celeb designed/'90s' designs floating around, it was genuinely authentic. Of the collab with Joyrich, he says that, "We both came to the conclusion that everybody wants to wear these shirts with my dad on it. Vetements are selling these shirts for like, $900 with my dad on it… everybody's wearing this stuff, but he hasn't worn it." Keen nosed businessman that he is, Cordell sensed a prime gap in the market -- "I was like, let's make our own clothes to make it authentic, and make sure everyone has to get these clothes cause it's Snoop Dogg approved. You know what I mean?' We do. We do.

Cordell Broadus -- The Humble Negotiator
The collaboration wasn't a quick 5 minute powwow chucking around buzzwords about his 'vision' for the line's 'aesthetic,' before pissing off to bellyflop into an infinity pool from the window 4th floor of his Hollywood Hills shag pad. As well as creative directing the line and the show, Cordell made films for the show's backdrop, helped cast it -- and yes, locked in his dad to DJ. But in contrast to your dad being really, really eager to publically humiliate you with his jazz hands, Cordell had his work cut out for him getting Snoop. "It was very hard. Very hard. It took us three months to book him," he purrs in a rather calming West Coast drawl. They had to put an offer on the table, negotiation payment, check dates, the whole shebang. "I think he just liked making it difficult for me, to challenge me, to see how bad I really wanted it." It's somewhat refreshing to hear this. Of course, you're always going to have a leg up when your dad's got a weed empire and Martha Stewart on speed dial. But it's clear Cordell's cultivating an actual work ethic, rather than expecting everything to be served of the diamond encrusted platter that we've come to expect other celebrity offspring to eat their caviar off.

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Cordell Broadus -- Zoolander 2.0
Cordell has some advice for all you aspiring models with zero ability to control the giggles, courtesy of his recent appearance in Dolce & Gabbana's show. "I'm real goofy, like I laugh a lot, so when I was walking down the runway I was trying to think of this song Ty Dolla $ign showed me last week and I was trying to remember the lyrics so I wouldn't laugh when I was looking at the camera."

Cordell Broadus -- The Movie Mogul
Cordell wants to be a filmmaker, so is studying the subject at UCLA -- further evidence he wants to do things the right way over the easy way. He's also got a production company that's just made a video for Snoop, and is also pitching projects to VICE and MTV. He wants to act in his films. And soundtrack them. And produce them. He basically wants to do all the things, and at the rate he's going, probably will too. But he's also conscious of establishing a solid grounding before adding the extra layers, icing, and glazed cherry on top. "I want people to know I'm business savvy -- like I've produced this or put this together -- before just being a talent. Because I feel like talent, you don't have that much authority, you don't have that much respect. I wanna be the business and the talent." Respect.

When asked if his lust for multiple ventures were a result of his dad's own widespread enterprises he says, "My dad is my mentor, so I gotta give him a lot of credit...but I think it's just my generation: I believe we want to create in every way possible, and not just doing one thing. We doing multiple things. Nobody's really just having one career. It's like -- I do this, that, and this."

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Cordell Broadus -- The Gracious Teammate
It's easy to feel exhausted even just reading the extent of Cordell's extracurricular exploits, as well as very, very lazy. So how does he fit it all in? Has he hacked time travel? Cloning? The practically impossible ability to not spend hours lying in bed scrolling through every single Instagram story ever? No.

"I have a great team. In the film world, I have a great team. In the fashion world, I've got a great stylist. I've got a great team in school. So I think it's all about your team, once you find them then I feel like the journey is less stressful." The gracious cheerleader adds, "I'm not gonna say I'm the most creative person, or that I've got the best ideas 'cause really those ideas can't be brought to life if my team isn't fully on board, if my team isn't giving it one hundred. So I've got to give a lot of credit to my team as well."

Cordell Broadus -- The Motivational Speaker
By way of Snoop's own inspirational lion-to-cub pep talks, Cordell says, "One thing he tells me is -- nobody's gonna believe in your dream like you believe in it. Because they just can't see it how you see it. So anybody out there that's got a dream, chase it and believe it 100% and it's gonna come true. You've just gotta follow your heart."

Cordell Broadus -- the Plizzanet Star?
Obviously we needed to know if we could expect a Cordell cameo on one of Snoop's finest works -- Plizzanet Earth. It's looking good folks. He says, "You know what that's one of my favourite shows, I'd love to be on that show. that show's funny as hell.."

To which we suggested he produce a whole new season:

"That's a good ass idea, I might have to write that one down."

You're welcome, Cordell.


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