mastered and fabien baron join forces to get emerging talent to collaborate

Because things are better when you create them together.

by Created with Mastered
14 June 2017, 1:10pm

photography Nicoló Bagnati. Styling Lauren Anne Groves. Hair Kazuhiro Naka. Make Up Andrea Gomez Anzola using YSL Model Niko Riam at MilkManagement.

Trying to get a foothold in any creative industry is hard. It's competitive. It's scrambling around in the dark for the light switch trying not to stub your toe on the door frame.

That's where Mastered comes in, an online programme championing collaboration by connecting creatives with each other, as well as more experienced industry pros like fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh, Nick Knight, Off White founder and Kanye West creative director Virgil Abloh, and i-D's very own fashion director Alastair McKimm. Providing insight through online videos with these incredible innovators, as well as mentoring, feedback and general life coaching, Mastered is changing the way we look at both creative practice and education.

Earlier this year French director/art director/editor/all around legend Fabien Baron teamed up with Mastered to get some minds churning and hands making. Using the brief 'the art of looking', they asked professionals from across 95 countries to come together and take a closer look at the people, things and places in front of them, setting just one brief across all different mediums: as they say, you can't succeed in the industry without excellent collaborative skills. 

And right they are.

So here's a selection of our favourites from the superb submissions. 

Photography Lydia Gorges Styling Sarah Sharon Karsten at Bigoudi. Hair and make-up Sina Velke at CLM Agency. Model Holly Becker at Izaio Models.

Photography Eloise Vene Styling Alexandra Voicu & Eloise Vene. Photography assistance Roger Schueber. Make-up Cassandre Gois. Hair Jeffrey Guillot. Model Mathilde Marie Appolite and Amin Bekkaddour. Art Direction Alexandra Voicu

Photography Kelly Nyland. Models, Stylists, Collaborators Melody Trend, Levi Sawyer, Ari Fitz, Chloe Larouche, Markus Alexander, Percival Martinez Photography assistance Irida Mete.

Photography Christopher Polack. Styling Milana Del Mina Hair Barney Gleeson. Model Curtis Hodgson

Photography and Art Direction Christos Karantzolas. Styling Christine de Lassus. Styling Assistance Pedro Rodrigo GonzalezHair Menelaos Alevras. Make-up Robin Scheon. Model Ros Georgiou 

Photography Anna Rosa Krau. Styling Angelika Götz. Hair Thorsten Weiss. Make-up Patricia Heck at Nina Klein Agency. Photography assistance Michael Klaus. Models Emma G at Tigers Management. Jessica at M4Models.

Photography Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer. Hair and styling Ronnie Dag. Hair and make-up Kat Marcus. Model Najaaraq Vestbirk.

Photography and art direction Heidi Tappis. Styling Santa Bevacqua. Make-up Diane Da Silva at Atelier Management. Hair Amber Duarte at Walter Schupfer Management. Photography assistance Jon Agostini and Leonard M Model Ava McAvoy at Photogenics. 

Photography Kayla Varley. Art Direction Jeanie Mordukhay. Styling Melynda Choothes. Hair Hilda Flores. Make-up Zaheer Sukhnandan. Model Saida Ducasse with Vision LA

Photography Vania Elise. Styling Melissa Registre. Hair and make-up Jessica Fierrro. Model Miranda Sullivan at Agency Arizona.

Photography Tatyana Nagayeva. Make-up Leilani Sunglao. Hair Aziza Rasulova. Styling Veronika Belyaeva. Models Andy Nordin at Heroes. Evgenia Sizanyuk.

Photography, art direction and graphic design Kenny Li. Styling SK Tang. Hair and make-up Ko Ho Cheng. Model Karyna Dziuba.

Creative direction Lucinda Taffs. Photography and collage Lucinda Taffs. Styling Tara Williams. Make-up Zaheer Sukhnandan. Model Charlie Austin.

Photography Renee Bevan. Styling Sasha Troshchynska. Art Direction Ciaraleaf Meaney. Hair Levi Monarch. Make-up Andrew Colvin. Model Kira Fox at Silent Models.

Mastered are now accepting applications for their 2018 intake.


Lead images photography Nicoló Bagnati. Styling Lauren Anne Groves. Hair Kazuhiro Naka. Make Up Andrea Gomez Anzola using YSL Model Niko Riam at MilkManagement.

fabien baron