aleide is ready for success after soundtracking the saint laurent spring/summer 15 show

Last night Aleide Bezoen Anna, also known simply as Aleide, only needed 18 minutes of Saint Laurent’s spring/summer 15 show to become the new darling of the fashion world. Un, Deux, Trois blasted out of the speakers, much to the delight of the fashion...

by Channa Brunt
30 September 2014, 10:40am

Violette Esmeralda

How was it?
Really great! During the show I was sitting opposite Carine Roitfeld who was clapping to the music. It's so cool that you're sitting there with all those people you normally see in pictures and TV shows, and who are so openly enjoying your music... Everyone was so sweet. Before the show Hedi let me pick an outfit from a bunch of clothing that I could wear during the show. 

How did you experience the last couple of weeks? Wasn't it all one big rollercoaster?
Yes, it all went so fast! In two weeks we had to extend the original song that lasts three and a half minutes to the eighteen minutes needed for the show. It meant hard work, but in was a lot of fun in the first place. It did mean recording vocals at 2 am in our teeny tiny studio… Social life didn't really exist as we were travelling back and forth between Amsterdam and Paris. Most of all , it was a very inspiring period though. 

How long have you been working on your music now?
About two years ago I started the band with Robert, my ex-boyfriend. We made some songs, but really didn't think about doing anything serious with them - it was just fun. Really it was about me having a wardrobe full of awesome clothes, and no occasions to wear them. I thought; "when am I going to wear all these clothes? Maybe I should start a band." I just wanted to be on stage and wear cute outfits. 

To get your music out there you went to LA to find a label. How was that?
To be honest, we were mainly looking for labels in LA because we just wanted to live there - it seemed like a good way to get a Green Card. Two years ago, I went to America for the first time and LA for me just simply is the best place on earth. I just thought, "how am I going to live here as soon as possible". In March we went there with the band for a month to drop our music with some labels. Some small, independent labels were interested, but with Lollipop we hit it off immediately. 

What is Une, Deux, Trois about and where can we listen to it?
The song is about shoes! Haha. I'm just really into my shoes, and when I'm writing my lyrics I like to keep things fun, so yeah, the text is a little flirty and fun. Une, deux, trois, ooh lala! Robert composed the music, and it only took us a few hours to put the whole song together. We both were really enthusiastic, but most people who heard it didn't really get it. Just yesterday we talked about how some friends even laughed at the song. It's really great to see that those aren't the only reactions possible. We just wanted to make something fun together, and in that we succeeded. It's now live on our website! 

What's next?
To LA as soon as possible! Our label has asked us to do a US tour, so that would be totally awesome.


Text Channa Brunt
Photography Violette Esmeralda

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