how to with isamaya ffrench: emoji

Can't think of what to say? An emoji says a thousand words! i-D Beauty Editor Isamaya Ffrench lets her face do the talking in this step by step guide to nailing that expression...

by Adam Fletcher
20 November 2014, 10:15am

1. Draw a circle freehand around the face with a yellow body paint
"MAC do a great range of body paints that are amazingly rich in pigment for watercolours and provide great coverage."

2. Outline the edge of the circle with an orange pencil
"(MAC also do a vibrant selection of eye pencils) so take one of these and blend it into the yellow slightly at the cheeks and the forehead."

3. With a brown face paint, begin to outline the shapes of your chosen emoji and fill in with the paint
"Blur your eyes while you do this and try and just focus on the shapes, trying to work them around the natural contours of the face."

4. Real emojis have a slight gradient...
" after you have filled the shapes in with the appropriate colours, blend a bit of white into them to give it an authentic 3D look!"

5. Press "Send"


Text Isamaya Ffrench
Photography Piczo

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