in the space of 3 days, dexter navy shot asap rocky's new music video and opens debut exhibition "36"

Shooting A$AP Rocky's latest music video just two days ago, 23 year old filmmaker and photographer Dexter Navy now proudly unveils his first exhibition entitled "36". Watch on this young gun.

by Milly McMahon
19 June 2014, 8:45pm

Dexter Navy

Fast-rising filmmaker and photographer Dexter Navy casually rolled into i-D HQ for the first time, over five years ago, after we spotted his lawless aesthetic on his Tumblr. Laid back, sincere and profoundly driven he immediately become a welcome addition to the i-D fam. Missioning it at a moments notice to locations all over the country, shooting musicians and models, he began honing his own unique, raw and kaleidoscopic style, 24/7. Today he is regarded amongst the most innovative, fast paced and exciting talents in the industry.

First establishing himself as a professional force to be reckoned with last year after a trip to LA, Dexter's success has since snowballed. Instantly bonding with local hip hop figureheads Travis $cott and the Peas and Carrots intl. crew, Dexter enjoyed a new lavish lifestyle which would inform his aesthetic. Currently living between London, Paris and The States, loved up Dexter is unfazed by the hype and a tireless culture vulture. Regardless of location, his ability to immediately scout out the moments dopest, breaking talent is wonderfully intuitive. Now signed to Partisan, fresh from shooting  Rocky's latest video and Billionaire Boys Club's current lookbook, Dexter's first exhibition on show at Hoxton Gallery now, was originally inspired by movies and his Grandfather's love of a trusty point and shoot. Entitled "36" and hosted by NYFamousGang, every shot carefully selected for the show depicts a significant moment the West London born hustler has enjoyed over the past three years. Discussing long standing connections made with wily Navy, crew member Tremaine explained their affinity for the Yashica shooting creative's straight up, good vibes, "He's out here working hard, living in the moment & creating his own reality, like all my friends. We have an interchangeable student/teacher relationship, and when you can relate to people the way he does, you can't lose." Backing him from day one, taking a risk on Dexter after meeting him at Berlin's Bread and Butter fashion trade-show, years ago, CEO and founder of premium fashion PR company A Number Of Names, Craig Ford shared a similar experience of a young and determined Dexter, "I'd seen a few of his pictures and I liked the style. I've always loved 'real' pictures from Don Mccullen to Larry Clark. As soon as I met him we clicked and I loved his energy. You can see that energy in the pictures. We clicked right away." Charming and self taught Dexter is the go-to guy, breaking waves in the world of hip-hop. See his own life through the lens by which he captures others. Read on. 

What did you have for lunch, what are you wearing and what's on your mind today?
I had pizza with my ANON family! I'm wearing a Favela Masion T-Shirt, black jeans, white chucks and my camera. Today I'm thinking about tomorrow since that's when my first solo exhibition is happening.  

Rumour has it you shot Rocky's new music video last night, how did that opportunity arise and what did the treatment look like?
That's quite possible, all my treatments look like one word - RAGE. 

How did last nights shoot with Rocky pan out?
All black. He didn't say much as he's currently in studio recording. The new music is next level! 

You also recently shot M.I.A., how was she to work with?
Yeah I took some pictures on the set of her latest video, shout out my girl Dolly Cohen for bringing me along. M.I.A. is a genius.

What is your most watched film and what grabs you specifically about that movies style and narrative?
La Haine, because each scene is shot as a long take which means I really get to feel the actor's character. It's as if your having a real conversation! I also really like the feeling of youth driven through the film. 

How long did it to take to organise your first exhibition and what was the initial spark of inspiration behind the curation of "36"?
About three weeks if I'm honest. The idea came from the fact that 35mm film only has 36 exposures so you have to make sure every shot counts simple as that. 

Of all the photos displayed in the exhibition which one do you feel the most emotionally attached to?
The one of my girl, shout out the baby girl! 

What was the first camera you ever shot on, how did you come to master your own style?
An old 35mm, I don't remember the name but I remember my mum showing me how to use it, not sure if I'm a master yet but I think by taking my camera everywhere and taking pictures of everything! 

Digital or film?

High-fashion or street?

Bike or board?

Online or print?
Online, cause the internet gave me a job.

Who is the most beautiful person you have ever shot an how did capturing him/her make you feel in that moment?
My mum, without her seeing me take a pic cause she hate pictures lol.

Does you Mum like your pictures?
Course! Shout out Momma Wavy! 

You live West, why is that side of town better than the East?
Everyone is so friendly! 

How is your style of photography reflective on your perspective on life?
Call it a professional Kodak moment.

If you could change the world in one positive way though your art, what impact would you hope your pictures made?
That people love each other more and fight less. 

How has working behind the lens changed the way you appreciate peoples individuality?
Everyone has a different beauty it's up to them if they choose to show it to you!  

Who is your mentor?
My mentor would be Mo Ali, even though he's a film director he taught a lot! 

What should we say to you when we see you at your show?

What website/Instagram/YouTube/Soundcloud site should we all go visit now?

Bye Dexter.
Bye Millz Grillz. 


Text Milly McMahon
"36" is open 19th June - 21st June, Hoxton Gallery.

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