five ways to get buff the boy better know way with solo 45

BBK’s newest star tells you how to sculpt your muscles.

by Stuart Brumfitt
06 January 2015, 12:15pm

In Boy Better Know's Jamaica-based Shaky video, bearded MC, Solo 45, pops off the screen as the collective's buffest member, practically ripping his canary yellow Brazil football shirt Incredible Hulk style. The 27-year-old does his cardio in the "mortals' gyms lol" like Fitness First and LA Fitness, but does his weights and sculpting training in old school gyms with metal plates, all the while training "to house music or anything that makes me feel hype." Whilst we wait for his new single Feed Em to the Lions and future album to drop, we decided to get the ripped rapper to explain how he gets a body like that. Here are his five tips for getting tonk.

1. Understanding the movement of any exercise is key! Formation, or technique, is key. It's about isolating the muscle being exercised, fully stretching and squeezing the muscle at peak contraction. It's really a matter of trial and error. I read a lot of old school weight training books, with extremely simple diagrams. Also, Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger really inspired me.

2. I eat super clean for 13 days and on the 14th, I have a cheat meal and every five days after that. My definition of cleaning eating (when training for a fitness related shoot for example) is to have tuna straight out of a can (John West in either brine or sunflower oil!), with brown rice and veg. Or, chicken breast with no salt added, but a little pepper with sweet potato and veg. I like to keep things extremely simple. The most important period of the day for me is when I first wake up. I immediately down a shaken L Glutamine in water to keep my muscles hydrated.

3. Switch up your routine every eight weeks or so. From super-sets to hypertrophying. Get creative! As Arnold said in Pumping Iron, it's about sculpting the body. I stand in front of the mirror and figure out what needs developing a little more, or areas that need tightening. Then I go of and hit those areas a little harder or find exercises that I haven't tried online. The internet's an amazing place for fitness tips.

4. Sleep and resting is just as important as training and dieting. I usually train five days on, then two or three days off. On the third day I'm raging to get back in the gym. I don't follow "international training days" - my five days might start on a Saturday.

5. Weighted abdominal exercises executed with proper form will give you abs like mine! Don't forget to work your obliques! My abs programme is available here.

Feed Em to the Lions is out on 23rd February.

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