bad gal riri gives cara delevigne good advice

The model sought guidance after her film fell through, and about judgement from the fashion industry.

by Charlotte Gush
21 May 2015, 7:35pm

photography nick dorey. styling hanna kelifa

Model-turned-actor Cara Delevingne has revealed that when her career is getting her down, she turns to her pop megastar pal Rihanna for advice. Speaking to the WSJ, Delevingne explains that she was "heartbroken" when her role as the female lead in a Beach Boys movie-musical slipped from her grasp, due to the entire film being scrapped.

The wise Bad Gal RiRi, gave her this sage advice, "Everything happens for a reason. You are going to call me back in a week or two and say, 'You are right.'" And funnily enough, this prediction came true, as Delevingne soon snagged a leading role in the Jake Schreier (director of Robot & Frank) film Paper Towns, set to be a YA summer smash hit. When Delevingne spoke to IBT earlier this year, she told them that she, " just started crying," when she heard the news about the role, explaining that, "It was too much" (in a good way).

Delevingne has been candid in many recent interviews about wanting to be an actor, not a model. "Modeling was never a passion of mine," she told People magazine earlier this year. Even so, it seems Delevingne is more fed up with the fashion industry than ever, telling WSJ, "It's horrible living in a world where I'll get a call from someone saying, 'So-and-so says you were partying a lot and you were looking this way and you need to lose weight.' It makes me so angry. If you don't want to hire me, don't hire me." Let's hope the film industry, which has recently been called out leftright and center for its misogyny, treats her better.

Cara Delevingne