​first image of cara delevingne in suicide squad costume released

Cara is dark and mysterious in image Tweeted by the film’s director.

by Charlotte Gush
05 May 2015, 2:05pm

The very first image of Cara Delevingne in character as the Enchantress in upcoming film Suicide Squad has been released by the film's director David Ayer. Ayer tweeted "Task Force X assembled and ready. #SuicideSquad" along with an image showing members of the star-studded cast in full costume, including Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Delevingne. Not long ago, Ayer tweeted an image of Jared Leto as a half-scary (the teeth!), half-naff (the tattoos!) Joker, but this is the first time we have seen Cara in character.

As the Enchantress, Cara wears a black, straggly wig with a tarnished gold crescent moon headpiece, and a black and dirty-gold bodysuit with dark chain arm cuffs and dark, grubby face make-up. The Enchantress has been both a superhero and super villain in the DC Comics. A powerful sorceress with healing powers, she can teleport and walk through walls, but also has a very earthly practical side, always carrying a roll of duct tape on her person.

The Task Force X of Ayers tweet refers to the ensemble of characters, who are all villains from other DC franchises. In the film, the US government has recruited imprisoned supervillains for a black-ops suicide mission, in exchange for clemency. The line-up is Batman-heavy, with Jared Leto appearing as an updated Joker, Margot Robbie as a punk-cheerleader Harley Quinn and Will Smith as hired assassin Deadshot.

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