berlin nightclubs raise $45,000 for refugees

Germany's 'welcome culture' extends to its legendary nightlife scene.

by Matthew Whitehouse
11 April 2016, 12:59pm

When hundreds of Germans welcomed incoming refugees to Munich's central station last September, the country's response to the ongoing Refugee Crisis became a much envied example of human decency across the world.

According to the BBC, Germany currently grants asylum to the highest number of applicants in Europe, and it seems that compassion is extending all the way to its capital's famous nightlife scene. A new campaign, called PLUS 1, has raised $45,000 for refugees, through a $1 charity donation added on to club entrance fees. 

The initiative began back in October and now has more than 80 venues taking part, raising money for charities Sea-Watch, Moabit helps! and Berlin Refugees in the process. With the contribution costing considerably less than a bottle of beer, there's no reason why the initiative couldn't become a regular feature of the city's nightlife scene. Hell, if there are any nightclubs left in London by the time Hackney Council's had it's way, there's no reason why it couldn't become a fixture in the UK capital, too.


Text Matthew Whitehouse 
Image via Plus1

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