rihanna opened a pop-up store in paris

With tour merch printed with gothic lettering, in the Vetements-Kanye-Bieber vein.

by Tish Weinstock
26 July 2016, 2:15pm

Roll up, roll up to Rihanna's pop-up store, where she's selling pretty much every collaboration she's ever done. There's the denim footwear collection she made with Manolo Blanhik, and the chic sunnies she did for Dior. There are pieces from Puma and socks from Stance, two companies for which she's acted as creative director. Oh, and don't forget the Rihanna perfumes (there are seven) and, of course, her ANTI tour merch: hoodies, tees, and caps all emblazoned with song lyrics and the slogan "Bitch I know you know," just, well, because.

Located in uber-cool Paris boutique Colette, the pop-up store will be up until July 30. Of course, she's not the first celebrity to flog merch in a high-end boutique. Back in May, the Biebs launched his Purpose tour merch at VFiles in New York. New trend alert?


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