anger as aaliyah gets TV’s true life treatment

Anger as Aaliyah gets TV’s true life treatment.

by i-D Team
14 November 2014, 1:55pm

Aaliyah is the latest subject of a true life TV movie in Lifetime's The Princess of R&B, which premieres tomorrow in the US. It follows in the footsteps of similar biopics House of Versace and Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story both of which were critically panned. "Street but sweet" Aaliyah, who died aged 22 in 2001, has a devoted fanbase, many of whom see a fictional portrayal of her (here by little-known actress Alexandra Shipp) as total sacrilege. Her family refused to be involved in the making of the film, which was Executive Produced by chat show star Wendy Williams. Photography Matt Jones, Styling Jason Farrer, Hair Eric Foreman, Make-up Eric Farrell [The Bedroom Issue, no. 213, September 2001].


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