london rocks! we find out why

The talent that's come out of London recently is really popping. Nestled among the glassy skyscrapers and brick warehouses, we found the shining stars of future fashion right on our doorstep. Let's take you by the hand and lead you through London...

by i-D Team
08 April 2014, 2:45pm

Jourdan wears dress Mother of Pearl. Shoes Agent Provocateaur.

"London rocks because there is nothing you can't do here. You're never bored." Charlotte Wiggins, model 

"In London you can literally do anything, it's unlike anywhere else in the country." Sam Rollinson, model 

"Why does London rock? 'Cos the Lahmacuns at Mangal 2 are proper nice." Lily McMenamy, model 

"London is very diverse and creative as a city. I find it very inspiring!" Malaika Firth, model 

"London's inspiring because it makes you feel like you can do what you want and not worry!" Ashley Williams, designer 

London... there's something addictive about it, I can't put my finger on it, all I know is I miss it when I'm not there. -Hollie-May Saker, model

"London is my favourite city in the world, there are so many amazing people doing good shit for themselves, rather than doing it to be cool." Levent James Tanju, Palace Skateboarder

"London inspires me so much. I love going on long bus journeys, I always come up with ideas on the bus." Hannah Weiland aka Shrimps, designer

"There's no-one like a Londoner. Their vibe, their humour... their exceptional taste in parties! I love everything about London, even the grey skies inspire me!" Adwoa Aboah, model

"London is such an amazing place with so many interesting and inspiring people in it. There's always something to do, it never gets boring." Lottie Moss, model 

"The best thing about London is the energy. There's always a buzz. There's also loads of support for emerging designers." Helen Lawrence, designer

"London... it embraces the new!" Bobby Abley, designer

"London rocks because of the taxi drivers, Boris Johnson, tea and sarcastic attitudes. I'm not afraid to be completely out of the box and weird here." Matilda Lowther, model 

"The best thing about London is the people and the opportunities." Rosie Tapner, model 

"London rocks because you can do what you want, when you want. London gives you creative freedom like no other city." Julia Sarr-Jamois, i-D Fashion Editor at Large

"How does London inspire me? It is ugly." Alice Goddard, stylist and Editor of Hot and Cool 

"London makes me feel constantly excited and slightly on edge. It's inspiring to see how one road leads to the next, which takes you into a completely different environement. The possibilities are endless." Claire Barrow, designer

"London is a great city, my family and friends live here, and the best thing about being in London is that I get to be with my son Riley." Jourdan Dunn, model 

"London throws everything at you and you can take from it what you want." Eliza Cummings, model 

"London rocks because of the people." Jourdan Copeland, model 

"What's the best thing about being a young creative in London? It's cool, end of." Ryan Lo, designer

"In London there's always something on, it's such a fun city to live in." Jake Love, model 

"The best thing about working in London is just getting to do it, not having a proper job and just doing what you love every day." Phoebe Collings-James, artist

"London inspires me as I get to meet and work with lots of interesting people and brands." Sean Frank, filmmaker

"London rocks because of its spectrum of people and personalities in one city." Zoe Huxford, model 

"The best thing about being creative in London? Making friends with people from all over the world means your outlook is never restricted by a single way of thinking." Ben Waters, model 

"I feel very lucky to live in a city with so many museums, exhibitions and libraries." Joseph Turvey, designer

"The best thing about being a creative in London is being around people just like you, going through what you're going through." Marques'Almeida, designers

"Living in London means you have the most creative young talent to work with on your doorstep. The high levels of creativity comign from every angle means you can't stop for a minute or you'll fall behind." Charlie Casely-Hayford, designer

See the full shoot here.


Photography Angelo Pennetta 
Styling Victoria Young 

Hair Tracie Cant at Premier Hair and Make-up using Bumble and bumble
Make-up Lauren Parsons at Premier Hair and Make-up using Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition and S 2014
Photography assistance Jack Day, Liz Seabrook
Styling assistance Andrew Glover, Florence Arnold, Laetitia Mannessier
Make-up assistance Cory Deking, Sophia Lauren, Hannah Wilson
Hair assistance Candice Edwards, Sabrina Lefebvre, Liv Holst
Photography production Lucie Newbegin and Lydia Garde at MAP
Set production Sylvia Farago Ltd
Processing Bayeux
Retouching OUTPUT
Models Eliza Cummings at Select

Special thanks to Lavish locations, David Bieda and Prolighting London

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