fashion designers sound off on the apple watch

As the first reviews filter in for the Apple Watch, i-D asks designers including Scott Sternberg and Adam Selman for their thoughts on the gadget.

by i-D Team
08 April 2015, 5:35pm

Will you buy an Apple Watch when it's - finally - released on April 24th? As tech journalists jump to evaluate the much-hyped timepiece on its review day, we invite fashion designers to share their thoughts on the watch. Apple is def stepping up its fashion game for the launch, even having its employees wear a new navy uniform, but can the tech giant infiltrate the notoriously picky world of fashion?

Scott Sternberg, Band of Outsiders
Will you wear an Apple Watch? Unlikely.
Why/why not? It's not very cute and doesn't seem to do all that much.
What do you wish an Apple Watch could do? Shoot laser beams at my greatest foes, order meals in French, toss salads.
What is your dream watch? Vintage Tag Heuer F1 in Wine with a Gold chronograph dial.

Cozette McCreery, Sibling
Will you wear an Apple Watch? Oh yes, totally. To be honest though, probably not for what it can do. Well, at least at the beginning. Actually what can it do? #Fingeronthepulse, not (hahaha).
Why/why not? I'm a very visual person and the watch looks fab! Fabulous, techy, bit nerdy and boyish are my favorite things ever.
What do you wish an Apple Watch could do? Allow me to be in two places at once. Is there a clone or hologram setting?
What is your dream watch? I'm wearing it. It's a vintage Panerai from my grandmother. She'd always get me nice, expensive but dainty watches and I'd only wear them to please her when she visited. I love men's oversized timepieces. I have really skinny wrists and like how huge accessories look. Before she died, she told me to get the watch I wanted. It reminds me of her every day. 

Christopher Shannon
Will you wear an Apple Watch? I never wear watches, but I like the idea of the technology being to hand. Although, the keyboard on the iPhone is so small, I can't imagine how long I would spend retyping on the watch.
Why/why not? I'm not really keen on jewelry; I like it from a design perspective but I hate the feeling of it. Also, I'd just lose it all the time. I love looking at diamonds but loathe ostentatious displays of wealth—so vulgar and dull.
What do you wish an Apple Watch could do? Make it so your Uber driver never actually phones you, which I find really stressful. Also, an automatic Shazam-type app that meant you always had new music available that you would defo be into.
What is your dream watch? One I can sell for enough money to buy a dream house in the South of France. 

Olympia Le-Tan
Will you wear an Apple Watch? I tried Marc Newson's one on the day before yesterday. It's very cool and I like the idea of feeling like James Bond with one of those, but it's a bit big for my little wrist. Also a bit sporty. Apparently there is a smaller, more feminine one, but I haven't seen it yet.
Why/why not? I haven't worn a watch in years. But maybe I'll start again…We'll see.
What do you wish an Apple Watch could do? Seems like it does pretty much everything. You can send someone your heartbeat with it.
What is your dream watch? A vintage gold Cartier tank.

Adam Selman
Will you wear an Apple Watch? I don't think so, I don't know that much about it. But I can be easily swayed.
Why/why not? Isn't an iPhone or a smart phone enough? But then again, maybe we need more options...
What do you wish an Apple Watch could do? I wish it could sync to my essentials—my wallet, my keys, my hat, my Suzanne Somers book Touch Me: Poems—so I would never lose them again and keep tabs on where I put them last.
What is your dream watch? My dream watch is a strip of bandana fabric that you tie around your wrist that has LED filaments running though it that faintly shows the time. 

Patrik Ervell
Will you wear an Apple Watch? Maybe eventually.
Why/why not? Once it can reliably replace carrying a wallet—paying for things, IDs, etc—then I will definitely wear one. But it probably takes a few more years for all of that to get ironed out.
What do you wish an Apple Watch could do? See above. 
What is your dream watch? Something implantable. Doesn't exist yet, but likely will soon.


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