​donatella challenges armani's comments on her brother gianni

In an official statement, she says that Armani’s anecdote about her late brother isn't true.

by Charlotte Gush and i-D Staff
22 April 2015, 7:05pm

Donatella Versace has issued an official statement imploring Giorgio Armani to stop repeating an anecdote about a conversation he allegedly had with her late brother Gianni, regarding their contrasting design styles. It has been rumored that Armani privately criticized Gianni for "dressing sluts" at Versace (whereas he himself dressed ladies), but when asked about it by the Times, Armani claimed that it was the other way around. "I did not criticize him. He was talking to me," he claims: "We were in Rome and we met in the Piazza di Spagna for a fashion event. He was looking at the models and he said to me, 'I dress sluts. You dress church ladies.'"

In an official statement, Donatella has responded: "I find it extremely rude and tasteless that Mr Armani has once again put words in to my brother's mouth, especially because he is sadly no longer with us to reply. This is the second time that he claims this was said, the first time was immediately after his death and he apologized to me."

Donatella doesn't believe Gianni would ever have referred to the women who wear his clothes like that: "When my brother spoke about fashion the only word that ever came from his mouth was 'glamour.'" She added, "What should be said about my brother is: may Gianni Versace rest in peace."


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