10 reasons why julia nobis is an i-D superstar

A medical student and a supermodel, Julia Nobis defines a new age where brains go hand in hand with beauty. Music, exams and fashion are all a part of this 21-year-old Bondi Beach babe's life and she carries it all with ease!

by i-D Staff and Bojana Kozarevic
12 May 2014, 12:00pm

Willy Vanderperre

Walking an incredible 73 shows for autumn/winter 12 and appearing in campaigns for Céline, Dior and Balenciaga, Julia is now the cover star of The New Issue, captured by Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo. We celebrate her fresh outlook on life, read it and weep - here are ten reasons why Julia rocks!

1. She's a simultaneous superstar model and medical student. Julia's life is a mix of catwalks and distinctions!  
"These days I'm either cramming information into my skull or sleeping for a few precious hours. I don't know how I got the grade during Paris Fashion Week, but who am I to question a high distinction?! As for the actual sitting of the exam, my university has exam centres all over the globe, so as long as I give them notice they just send my papers to wherever I need to be!"

2. Her dream is to work in Accident & Emergency
"I want to work in emergency, never knowing what's going to come through the door really excites me."

3. She ain't no diva, oh no no, Julia loves to whip her heels off and relax
"Before my first show, I was absolutely terrified. I'd never even worn heels aside from my Year 12 formal (which I secretly took off the moment we were seated for dinner), so tackling the catwalk in heels was a whole new experience." 

4. She makes comfort-eating cool
"It's true, I find eating rather therapeutic, but who doesn't?"

5. Julia is too cool to bother with pre-fashion week health blasts
"I don't ever think about getting fit before the shows, and it fucks me every time. If I have an exam during the shows then I'll normally spend the time beforehand making study notes to browse over later, but I never do anything for myself."

6. You can always rely on her for good tunes to blast out...
"Mic Check by Rage Against the Machine always calms me for some reason, and Closer is always the classic Nine Inch Nails to blast on a stereo. Then Glory Box by Portishead can always be listened to (at times on repeat for a day or two)."

7. She's walked a record-breaking number of shows...
"One season I walked 73 shows!!"

8. She plays the guitar, and she plays it very well!
"I've been playing the guitar for almost 11 years now, but less in recent months having bought an electric piano which is my new toy to play with. Favourite songs come and go, it's normally just the most recent thing that I've learned, but Classical Gas is always a good one to fall back on."

9. Julia even takes her guitar to fashion week...
"I often take my guitar to Missoni, as it's always chill for the first hour or two waiting around (until the girls from Dolce arrive and the shit hits the fan! When that happens I just step out and play on the grass). Even though I don't take my guitar to many shows, it's always waiting for me in my hotel room when I get home at night."

10. But most important of all, she's real, just like me and you!
"After fashion week is over, I sleep and eat. And bake, I bake a lot... and then I eat it all."


Text Bojana Kozarevic
Photography Willy Vanderperre
Styling Olivier Rizzo

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