premiere: florentino - mamasota

Press play on Florentino's Colombian-dembow-infused debut release.

08 October 2015, 5:35pm

Want to get your head around Florentino's Colombian-dembow-infused sound? Think Latin American carnival romanticism, crossed with dub and reggaeton and a rough and ready UK sound system mentality. i-D are pleased to share the producer's debut release in the form of the Tu y Yo EP. With support from the likes of Bok Bok, Dubbel Dutch, Kingdom, Murlo and Girl Unit, the EP features five energetic cuts to liven up dance floors across the globe. Kicking off the EP is Mamasota, with tough rolling drums combined with enough whistles and 'heys' to excite Notting Hill. Get your vibe on, press play.

"I wanted to make a song that embodied some of the energies I felt at party environments back in Colombia. Ive heard a lot of hard, cold & almost mechanical sounding drum tracks in recent times. I guess this track was almost a subconscious response to that in terms of the percussion and the movement here feeling more human & warm to me, still banging just as hard though."

Florentino, Tu y Yo is out 13th November via Swing Ting.


Press shot Louis Reynolds