riri releases extra gory #bbhmm halloween clips

If you thought the video was blood thirsty, then check out these violent extras.

by Stuart Brumfitt
30 October 2015, 5:40pm

The Bitch Better Have My Money video caused enough controversy with its kidnappings, nudity and gore, but it isn't a patch on the clips the Bajan singer released today via Rihanna News on Twitter. In the short reels -- which have been cannily held back for Halloween for full fright factor -- Riri is seen brandishing a blade, causing some blood gurgling screams and chopping off a (presumably fake) hand. 

Without the song, styling and humorous elements of the video, these little segments are all the more psycho -- referencing the Blair Witch Project in their lo-fi look and Dexter with the plastic sheets thrown down before a stabbing. It's gut-wrenching stuff and is all to promote a new 360° virtual reality app that gives you the missing chapter to BBHMM and let's you know what happened to the accountant who screwed the singer out of her dough.

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