maddie ziegler is starring in sia’s movie

Music videos aren’t long enough for all those flailing limbs and crazy eyes.

by Wendy Syfret and i-D Staff
09 September 2015, 1:01pm

Photography Petra Collins

Apparently casting your pre-teen muse in a suite of music videos that dominate the internet for over a year isn't enough for Sia. During a Q&A at the Venice Film Festival, the reclusive singer announced she had written and plans to direct a film called Sister that will star Maddie Ziegler. "I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I wanted to make a movie," the singer said during a panel. "And then last year, after I made the Chandelier video, I realized that I was pretty good at directing, so I felt a little bit braver."

After paying a dude from a juice bar to work on the screenplay (seriously), Sia switched it up and contacted children's book illustrator Dallas Clayton to work on the project, and the pair spent "3 1/2 weeks just on the sofa, mapping it out." So far, all we know is that the film will be based on a one-page short story Sia wrote eight years ago. But looking back on the work she and Ziegler have done together, it's possible the feature will involve silent screams, Shia LeBeouf, jaw-dropping choreography, and plenty of peroxide blonde bobs. 

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