​previously unheard nirvana demo appears online

The track is titled 'E Coli' and it's believed to date from 1993 or 1994.

by Nick Levine
24 August 2015, 7:19pm

And so the recent stream of Nirvana leaks continues. Earlier this month, a previously unreleased version of the band's track Sappy appeared online, followed by a 13 track demo tape believed to have been recorded by Kurt Cobain's pre-Nirvana band Fecal Matter. Now comes E Coli, a nine minute demo posted anonymously last night on Reddit. It's a pretty abrasive and completely unpolished midtempo jam, but fans have already managed to date it to some time in 1993, the year Nirvana released its final album, In Utero, or perhaps 1994, the year in which Cobain tragically passed away. Presumably this won't be the last of the Nirvana and Kurt Cobain-related leaks, so watch this space.