what is beyond price?

Luxury is time, luxury is authenticity, luxury is craftsmanship, luxury is attention to detail, luxury is switching your phone off, luxury is the open road, luxury is a clear mind, luxury is freedom, luxury is covetable, luxury is one of a kind, luxury...

by i-D Staff
26 April 2016, 11:40am

"Luxury is total freedom -- that sometimes seemingly unattainable headspace where everything you want to achieve feels possible."

Photography Vicki King 

"Luxury is being able to do what you really love in life."

Photography Lola Paprocka

"Luxury is an open road."

Photography Eddie Wrey 

"Each time I see my little sister she's grown another head taller and I'm made aware of how much time has passed. I spend most of the year caught up in the storm of New York and each time I see her it's a jolt. I'm made very aware of what I've missed."

Photography Stef Mitchell 

"Luxury is focusing on the beauty of the moment."

Photography Ko-Ta

"Luxury is bringing life into this world."

Photography Lily Rose Thomas 

"Luxury is justice when available to everyone, without questioning skin color, gender, or beliefs." 

Photography Alina Negoita 

"Luxury is the innocence of youth."

Photography Sam Rock

"Photography is my way of showing the world the people that I admire. You can't put a price on that."

Photography Chad Moore

"Solitude and tranquility are the greatest luxury."

Photography Christopher Nunn

"Luxury is a hazy and lazy morning with my girl."

Photography Raffele Carriou

"Luxury is creating unforgettable moments with people you love."

Photography Amanda Charchian

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