mura masa just remixed haim’s walking away and now it’s basically a beautiful video game soundtrack

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by Frankie Dunn
08 December 2017, 10:15am

It’s pretty rare to find a remix that matches the original tune in quality, addictivity and danceability, but Mura Masa has just done it with his reworking of HAIM’s Walking Away. Taken from their top 10 charting summer 2k17 album Something To Tell You (out now on Polydor) the single marked the furthest the Cali sister wives have ventured in the direction of sultry R&B; with vocal percussion and slap bass over minimal production from Vampire Weekend’s Rostam. Inspired by an entire childhood-worth of Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, the ninth track from their second album gave us urges to quietly dance all of our troubles away solo.

Until now, that is! With a rejig from UK producer Mura Masa aka Alex Crossan, we see in full colour as we’re transported to a sun-filled video game happy valley. Alive and kicking with plenty of bass, the bouncy, joyful new melodies are exactly what we needed to bring us back to life after the office Christmas party last night. Thanks HAIM babes! Cheers Alex Mura Masa! Thank you music destiny!

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