christina aguilera and demi lovato fight the patriarchy in ‘fall in line’ video

Xtina dedicated the feminist anthem to "anyone who’s ever felt silenced and repressed."

by Hannah Ongley
23 May 2018, 8:41pm

Still via YouTube

From Mouseketeer to too dirrrty to clean her act up, Xtina has had more lives than we can count (though we made it to 14). If you thought her bare-faced Paper cover marked a more subtle era for the mom of two, think again — perhaps back to that now-viral image of Aguilera teasing “new things on the horizon” in velour sweatpants, pimp fur, black shades, and a slogan tee reading “Suck My Dick.” And the horizon is no longer just a thin line in the distance. Following the release of a steamy visual for the Kanye West-produced track “Accelerate,” Aguilera has dropped an empowering, latex-heavy video for “Fall in Line,” her anthemic feminist ballad with Demi Lovato. Who said women can’t be fully naked and plan to fuck up the patriarchy?

The video starts off hella cute, showing Xtina and Demi as kids playing in a field, before two masked men in full riot gear show up and snatch them away. Adult Aguilera then wakes up in a prison and proceeds to plot her escape, which involves her and Demi tasering the men and scaling a conveniently placed ladder, all while dressed in latex chaps. Aguilera has dedicated the song to "anyone who’s ever felt silenced and repressed, the truth seekers and bold thinkers. May you liberate your voice and break the mold, never back down, and never fall in line."

Christina Aguilera’s Liberation is out June 15, 2018, just in time to soundtrack your fuckboy-free summer.

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