erykah badu is a peyote-pushing witch in 'what men want'

The film stars Taraji P. Henson as a woman who can suddenly read the male mind.

by Jack Sunnucks
14 August 2018, 10:12pm

Image via Youtube

Remember What Women Want, the 2000 film starring Mel Gibson, in which Gibson hits his head and can suddenly hear women’s thoughts? Remember thinking, “I wish this movie would be made, but with a woman in the lead role instead?” Us neither! Here however, we have the trailer for What Men Want, starring Taraji P Henson, and it looks like it might actually be quite amusing. Henson plays Ali, an ambitious sports agent who’s being shut out of the boy’s club at her work — that’s until she visits a witch, as played by none other than Erykah Badu. The Badoula feeds her a jasmine tea containing weed, pejote, and errm, crack, which leads to her losing her mind in the club, hitting her head, and then miraculously being able to hear the thoughts of men. Which sounds like absolute hell, until she realizes she can use it to her advantage at work (then it’s just a different kind of hell). The film’s out in January — until then, let’s try and break the glass ceiling without psychic powers.

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