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what’s more important: the transgender community or a lobster?

In this week’s episode of the i-D podcast, we meet activist and author Charlie Craggs​ to discuss her latest campaign #ClawsOutForTrans​​.

by Matthew Whitehouse
09 August 2018, 11:42am

Photography Julian Buchan 

For the past 5 years, activist and author Charlie Craggs has travelled the country as part of her award winning campaign, Nail Transphobia, offering the public free manicures and the chance to have a conversation about trans issues.

She’s since released a book -- a compilation of essays titled to My Trans Sister -- and has, most recently, used her manicuring knowledge to launch a new beauty brand, Nail It -- the intention being for every one of its nail decals to start a conversation around a trans issue.

Her first fight is trans visibility and on this week’s podcast, she’s joining us to ask the question, what’s more important: the transgender community or a lobster?

While the transgender flag has been the most requested flag emoji 2 years running (!), the most recent update from Unicode (the people who decide which emojis appear on our keyboard) instead chose to give the world toboggans, soup cans and, um, lobsters.

Not to be deterred, Charlie's using the latter to launch a new campaign, #ClawsOutForTrans, hijacking the lobster as an unofficial trans symbol and petitioning Unicode to show how much an actual flag emoji would be used.

Hear all about it on this week's podcast and click here to sign the petition now.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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