Photography Arvida Byström.

fight for your body rights with this empowering new fashion project

Arvida Byström shoots the empowering debut collection from ELISE, a body rights brand in the works since 1933.

by Hannah Ongley
20 September 2017, 7:31pm

Photography Arvida Byström.

T-shirts have long been used to connect our rights to our bodies. In 1972, the original "Future Is Female" tee was created out of the lesbian separatist movement. In 1983, Katherine Hamnett's "Choose Life" slogan tee issued a Buddhist call-to-action against drug use and suicide. In 2017, the rights of women and minorities are still under threat all around the world. Think limited access to abortions in the United States, the decriminalization of domestic abuse in Russia, the sanctioning of police violence in Istanbul, and the ongoing assault against the LGBTQ community.

Swedish non-profit organization RSFU is empowering people to stand up for their rights through a new political fashion project called ELISE. The name is an homage to O.G. women's rights advocate Elise Ottesen-Jensen, who founded RSFU in 1933. ("I dream of the day when every newborn child is welcome, when men and women are equal, and when sexuality is an expression of intimacy, joy, and tenderness." Ottesen-Jensen said at the time.) ELISE's debut collection has been shot by present-day Swedish activist Arvida Byström on a lineup of equally woke models. It features a range of empowering, essential, and Instagram-friendly slogans emphasizing our right to decide over our bodies, sexualities, and identities. Personal faves include "Social Climate Change" and "Get Your Priorities Queer." Fighting the good fight has rarely looked so good.

ELISE launches online today, with all proceeds going to RSFU's fight for body rights.

Arvida Byström
Elise Ottesen-Jensen