these are the most googled halloween costumes of 2019

While 'Stranger Things' and 'It' make the list, we have some much better suggestions.

by Jack Sunnucks
08 October 2019, 5:32pm

Stranger Things still.

According to a new report from Google, the most searched for Halloween outfit for so far in 2019, is Pennywise from IT — truly horrifying news for those among us that were hoping to avoid murderous clowns this fall. The Google Fright Geist lists Spiderman and Descendants in the top five, while more stylishly, Stranger Things and Harley Quinn make the top 20 (alongside the perennial “sexy” faves, mouse and cheerleader).

The Fright Geist tool is actually great for anyone who’s been aimlessly Googling what they should dress up as this year — we don’t all have Heidi Klum levels of commitment, or budget. A sheet with holes in it/wrapped toilet roll is the furthest a lot of people get. All you need to do to find your perfect costume,, click on the “Costume Wizard” tab and adjust the dials to come up with a tailored suggestion. After sliding the dial for “Spookiness level,” “Style,” “Trend Meter” and “Uniqueness Level” (obviously we slid all of them to the max for modernity and uniqueness, plus extra spooky), we got Zombie. Which is either totally zeitgeist-y, given the plethora of Netflix zombie content doing the rounds, or totally cliché. Still better than being a sexy mouse.

There’s a very 2019 suggestion on the most Googled list, too, with “VSCO girl” coming in at 79 — seems like this one would be easy to assemble at home. “Scoops Ahoy,” the ice-cream counter uniforms from Stranger Things also got a look in, with searches increasing by 300%, as did the hideous, and harder to achieve Demagorgon.

Sadly missing are any of i-D’s Halloween suggestions, which in no particular order, include: Lizzo’s Flute; The Bieber wedding; Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos; or an online listicle. These will take slightly more imagination, not being available for purchase on, but might be more rewarding. Or maybe just better to be the second most Googled item, a classic, which can veer sexy ,hideous, or feminist — a witch.

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