watch the i-D livestream of vivienne westwood’s climate revolution club night

The grand dame of British fashion gathered up London’s club kids for a party at Fabric in aid of the Climate Revolution. She's asking them to switch to a green energy provider and become an activist by reading books!

by Charlotte Gush
21 February 2017, 8:52pm

Fashion punk legend Vivienne Westwood may be 75, but she can still throw a better party than you. No worries though, because everyone is invited to the Climate Revolution — Westwood's campaign to save the planet. The grand dame of British fashion gathered hundreds of London's club kids at the recently reopened Fabric to ask them to switch to green energy provider Ecotricity — which she named her fall/winter 17 collection after — and to take up the activist mantle, starting by reading books.

"There is one truly political act you can make as an individual or a group — SWITCH to GREEN ENERGY," Westwood told revelers in her speech. "Stop the demand for burning fossil fuels and further fracking and make choices that stop climate change."

There were book recommendations from Viv, which included Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, and appearances from Pamela Anderson, Gwendoline Christie, and Charli XCX. The livestream also includes i-D's intrepid reporter Lotte Anderson speaking to clubbers about their outfits and what the Climate Revolution means to them. It's like classic early 90s Fashion TV, aka the best thing ever. Rewatch the whole glorious thing, below.

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