listen to this killer set of sade/drake mashups

Hear what “Gyalchester” meets “Skin” sounds like.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
30 May 2017, 5:23pm

On the latest episode of Drake's Apple Music radio show, saccharine Sade/Drake mashups were played. Created by Vacations, a Brooklyn DJ/producer, the playlist featured four songs with titles like "Can't Cherish Everything" and "Lover's Smoke" — combinations of Drake's and Sade's song titles. Titled More Love, the beats are lifted from Drake's recent album, More Life, with Sade's soft vocals riding them.

The colliding of Sade and Drake illuminates new layers of each other's work. The emotionality and introspection of Drake's work is highlighted, both mainstays of Sade's smooth R&B songs.

Drake's love for Sade is no secret. A few months ago, after meeting the "Smooth Operator" singer, he inked a massive portrait of her on his ribcage. On his 2011 track, "Free Spirit ft. Rick Ross" he sampled Sade's "I Will Be Your Friend." He's also expressed his intense desire to collaborate with the Nigerian-born British singer, and was disappointed when she decided to put Jay-Z on a track instead of him.

"40 [an OVO producer] got an amazing opportunity early on in his career to work with Sade on a remix of one of her songs," Drake revealed during a podcast interview with Cal Cast this year. "And I was this close to being on it, but at that point in my career, she went and put Jay Z on it — which obviously is, you know, understandable. But that was always one for me where I was like, 'Uhhh, I missed that.' My star wasn't there yet for her to hear me out."

These Drake/Sade mashups are proof they are a perfect pairing. Perhaps, like the rest of us, Sade will come to this realization and make Drake's dream come true by collaborating with him.

Listen to Vacation's full playlist below. 


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