​karl lagerfeld interviews his chanel muse, a french astronaut currently floating in space

Following Chanel’s rocket-fuelled autumn / winter 17 show, Lagerfeld spoke with a real-life astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station.

by Charlotte Gush
08 May 2017, 3:19pm

Karl Lagerfeld's seasonal spectaculars for Chanel are always out-of-this-world, and he really excelled himself for the autumn / winter 17 show in Paris this March. Models walked the white and silver chrome catwalk -- accented with tubes and monitors -- circling around a huge space rocket, which took off from the show's epicentre in a stunning finale, leaving the metallic-tweed-clad beauties in a cloud of sparkles and smoke.

Lagerfeld has now revealed the real-life inspiration behind this space-age spectacle: a French astronaut called Thomas Pesquet, who took a rocket up to the International Space Station last November, and is still there now. As WWD report, the French design legend caught up with his spaceman muse via an interview on radio station France Info over the weekend.

"I admire [Pesquet]," Lagerfeld told the station. "In fact, he has even inspired fashion since I was indirectly inspired not only by where he is, but also by his personality, because I think he is more charismatic than his predecessors," the designer explains.

"I am very flattered that Karl Lagerfeld draws inspiration from space for his collections," Pesquet responded, adding, "Thankfully he did not draw inspiration from astronauts' outfits, because obviously here, we tend to wear European Space Agency polo shirts and pants with Velcro fastenings, which is not that great".

What with Karl Lagerfeld being the ultimate fashion multi-hyphenate, it's not surprising that the French radio presenters wondered if he would like to become the chicest man in space, trading places with Pesquet. "No, I think it's a little late [for that]," Karl responded, explaining that, "the training is terrifying, on top of which I only speak four languages, and he must speak six, so you see, it's not enough". Anyway, Karl has moved on to warmer climes now, setting the recent Chanel resort show in a very summery Ancient Greece.


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