gucci's new campaign stars extremely chic aliens

The fantastically quirky brand takes another wild left turn.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
20 April 2017, 10:15pm

Alessandro Michele's trippy, time-shifting designs for Gucci are already out of this world, but the brand took its imitable art direction into an entirely new dimension today. The brand released five far-out Instagram videos this morning. The clips feature models dressed as aliens, costumed in prosthetics and body paint that would look right at home in Star Trek. Each extraterrestrial stands in front of a green screen sporting a look from Gucci's fall/winter 17 collection while awkwardly reciting lines for what appears to be a screen test.

This is a diverse set of aliens. The models include Scanner Operator, 20, from Zenoba, 37-year-old Ejaw Bolsorg from Xoor Cluster, and Xeod, who brings some much-needed age diversity to the fashion industry at the ripe age of 7,000.

Luxury brands have increasingly been choosing to go with entirely rogue casting. Last year, Louis Vuitton chose pixels over humans when it employed a character from Final Fantasy to model its clothes

No word yet on whether these videos are a sneak peek at a larger advertising campaign. But, as always, we're excited to see what surprises the brand has in store. 

Xeod. Age: 7000. From: Unknown. "Together, we will explore the outer reaches of the galaxy… We will map systems and study nebula." #gucciandbeyond #guccifw17 #alessandromichele

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