watch lgbtq activists dance to rihanna on mike 'daddy' pence’s lawn

One neighboring family even laid out a snack table.

by Hannah Ongley
19 January 2017, 6:34pm

The parties being held to protest the Trump/Pence regime are shaping up to be far more exciting than the actual Inaugural Ball. The first orange president has already been promised anti-inauguration parties headlined by Solange and Sleater-Kinney, and last night, his silvery co-conspirator Mike Pence was honored with a neon-lit rainbow rager on the lawn of his DC rental home. This one was organized by activists from WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20 to protest the VP-elect's horrific track record of anti-LGBTQ discrimination. Hundreds of people showed up and it looked like so much fun.

"Daddy Pence" was implored to come dance with the protesters as they blasted a mixtape that featured Rihanna's "Work" and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Unfortunately he did not accept their offer, but Pence's neighbors were considerably more jovial. Families from the adjoining houses came out to party with the rainbow revelers, many of them with kids perched on their shoulders. One family even laid out a snack table.

Pence's awful track record of LGBTQ oppression includes diverting taxpayer dollars towards gay conversion therapy and condemning same-sex marriage as a sign of "societal collapse." Trump, however, loves the gays. He even tried to get Elton John to perform at his inauguration and once held an upside down Pride flag for almost 11 seconds. He did not, however, tweet his support of the WERK party, due to being very busy writing a great big speech with a great big Sharpie


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