picnic at hanging rock is becoming a tv series

Will the spooky 70s classic become your new favourite binge-watch?

by Isabelle Hellyer
08 September 2016, 3:35am

Peter Weir's eternally haunting 1975 film Picnic at Hanging Rock is headed to the small screen. Foxtel has commissioned a six-episode "re-imagining" of the story first told in Joan Lindsay's 1967 novel. To jog your memory: four schoolgirls disappear during a Valentine's Day picnic at a volcanic rock formation, and the air is heavy with supernatural mystery. The book and the following film are regarded as Australian classics, so Foxtel will have to tread carefully.

Fremantle Media are handling the production, drawing from the book — less so the film — as source material. Fremantle's head of drama Jo Porter praised the story's timelessness, saying it "still feels just as fresh, unsettling and relevant today." She explained the Foxtel series will explore "the underlying themes of gender, control, identity and burgeoning sexuality" in the book. 

It's being framed as a "re-imaging," not a remake, so there's a chance it may not take place in 1900 and instead be set in a more contemporary era. As for casting, we're already imagining Caitlin Stasey in a flowing white gown. Foxtel will premiere the series in 2017.


Still from Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic At Hanging Rock