premiere: thomas cohen, honeymoon

The ex-SCUM frontman is back with another beautiful track from his debut solo album, Bloom Forever.

by i-D Staff
12 February 2016, 10:10am

When SCUM split up Thomas Cohen was just 21. The intervening years have been full of drama, love, death, heartbreak, the birth of two sons. Bloom Forever, his debut album tells the tale, not simply of love, death and heartbreak, but also artistic growth. The resulting album, Bloom Forever, is a beautiful, defiant and playful record, sounding you might think, nothing like the acerbic, pulsing, visceral noise his first band were known for. Bloom Forever is similarly obsessed with the texture, rhythm and density of sound though, just finding different forms to express them in. The album owes a debt to the left-field pop melodies of America's 70s underground country auteurs like Lee Hazlewood, Townes Van Zandt and Jim Sullivan, as well as the lush depth of Van Morrison and the darkness of Scott Walker's later work. "Honeymoon was the first song I wrote after SCUM broke up." Thomas explains, "It's subject matter is self-explanatory. A song about holidays with a saxophone solo."

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