​underground delve into london subcultures in new photo series

In a new photography series, king of the brothel creeper, Underground, explore the UK’s new youth tribes.

by i-D Staff
18 January 2016, 12:15pm

Clothing the feet of the new romantics, goths and punks since the height of British subculture in the 80s, Underground have always been rooted in the fashions and styles of youth tribes, and their legacy remains to this day. Enlisting the help of young photographers, Underground are documenting the UK's new subcultures, starting in London's Kentish Town. 19-year-old photographer Vicky Grout captured the first in a series that will go on to explore Underground-founding city - Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow. Londoners Ainsley Mahoney, Ethan Roberts, Conor Jay, Rachel Fleminger Hudson and Kitty Cowell star in the NW5 Street Shoot, wearing the new SOUNDWAVE ranges, including the "high end grime" NOX trainers and Jungle Boot range. Check out the images exclusively on i-D below.



Photography Vicky Grout
Styling Kitty Cowell

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