jg wilkes: music to... be seen and not heard

Best known as one half of Glasgow's Optimo, the revered selector delivers this all vinyl mix exclusive to i-D.

08 December 2015, 8:40pm

Jonnie G Wilkes is one half of Glasgow's notorious DJ duo Optimo. Also known for his production partnership as one half of Naum Gabo, JG Wilkes is the highly regarded producer and selector loved by many across world of electronic music. The legendary Optimo parties in Glasgow saw him and JD Twitch play everything from house, techno and funk to electro, rock, jazz, 50s swing and even further into the left field. This ethos has travelled with him throughout musical career, as within his DJ sets he's known for not exactly sticking to the status quo. Now, JG Wilkes steps up with his first ever solo release which sees cosmic yet gritty funk sounds work neatly alongside the chaotic ambience of the track. The Jaxon EP also sees a remix from Cologne's Barnt, as well as two other productions from including an original mix of the beatless Bathing Beauty and an energetic remix of Useful Tool by Naum.

Now the revered selector steps into the mix for i-D, with an exclusive all-vinyl cosmic blend of house, indie, acid and techno, this one takes a trip through the depths of Jonnie's record collection. Press play on his music to be seen and not heard. 

"Music to be Seen and not Heard" Vinyl mixed by JG Wilkes, Glasgow 2015.

"They hesitated to try anything new, were terribly afraid of doing something wrong, and frequently felt ashamed". (Alice Miller)

Grab JG Wilkes, The Jaxon EP here.