​#dontbombsyria: stop the war call emergency protest in london tonight

Tonight, MPs will vote on whether or not the UK will drop bombs on Syria. Stop The War have called an emergency protest at 6pm in Parliament Square to send the message #NotInMyName.

by Charlotte Gush
02 December 2015, 2:25pm

After thousands took to the streets last night to protest against UK bombing in Syria, Stop The War have called another emergency protest and 'die-in' at 6pm in Parliament Square tonight to protest against, "the plan to take the UK into its fourth pointless and savage war in the last 14 years".

MPs inside Parliament will decide whether or not we go to war, dropping bombs on the Syrian people in a vote at 10pm. Labour MP David Lammy said this morning that he will be voting against air strikes, saying:

"Air strikes will harm civilians and could serve as a key recruitment tool for ISIS. We cannot fall into the trap set by terrorists; the attacks in Paris were not just a horrendous terrorist act, but also a provocation. I am worried that we are, in effect, taking the bait and performing the acts that ISIS have told their followers around the world would follow."

Adding that he is "hugely sceptical" of David Cameron's claim that a Syrian coalition army of 70,000 soldiers are ready to support UK air strikes on the ground, simply because there is no evidence to support this, Lammy also says, "I fear military strikes will deepen the power over the vacuum in Syria that has allowed ISIS to spread its hateful ideology".

The emergency Stop The War protest will be held in Parliament Square at 6pm tonight, Wednesday 2 December.



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