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by Ryan White
11 December 2015, 1:29am

Once upon a time, Shia LaBeouf was known simply for his role in Even Stevens as the miscreant youngest son of the titular Stevens family. A simpler time. Fifteen years later and it would seem LaBeouf has now become defined more than anything by his exercises in artistic expression than his Disney past. Which is why it should come as no surprise to learn that, as of this morning, the divisive actor will be taking phone calls from the general public between as part of a new exhibition at FACT art centre in Liverpool.

In an effort to get members of the general public to touch his soul, LaBeouf and his art collective LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner, will be accepting any and all calls from 11am to 6pm GMT for the next four days. Why? To "express love that I can't express in film," LaBeouf explained to the Guardian, before the performance began: "I thought, 'Oh man, it would be great if you could see the process, you'd enjoy the performance a bit more.' That's why I turned to performance art, because it's just about the process". The performance is part of FACT's new exhibition Follow, exploring "how we behave when everyone is watching".

WATCH here.

#TOUCHMYSOUL follows on from perhaps LaBeouf's most documented, and positively received performance to date, #ALLMYMOVIES, which took place last month. A live streaming of the actor watching every one of his films in a New York cinema for three consecutive days and nights, LaBeouf also commented to the Guardian on the unifying and reassuring elements of his previous piece. "It was really nice to be sitting watching Indiana Jones and feeling all this shame about the movie, and to have somebody nudge me on the shoulder and say, 'It wasn't your fault'".

Call +44 (0)151 808 0771 between the hours of 11am - 6pm GMT for a chance touch Shia's soul, or watch it streamed here:

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