feminism will be an official subject in australian schools

Or as we call it: Basic Common Sense 101.

by i-D Staff
02 November 2015, 7:28am

High School is rough. You know it, we know it and kids at Fitzroy High School do too. That's why, in 2013, students formed a feminist collective with their teacher Briony O'Keeffe. The group, called Fightback, started small. But soon, the group had gained a 1,200-strong following on Facebook, and created a Kickstarter-funded feminist curiculum. 

Come November 26th, that curriculum will become available across Victoria. According to VICE, students will learn about "gender equality's ties to domestic violence, media representations of gender, statistical breakdowns around the pay gap, and female visibility in sport" over 30 lessons.

Before you cry 'feminazis!', cool your damn jets. The curriculum is aimed at female and male students. Briony O'Keeffe assures she's "trying to get young men and women to think a bit more critically about the sorts of sexist behaviours they might either engage in or see on a daily basis." Top notch stuff. 

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