don’t freak out, but all your teen dreams came true this week

With the Strokes, the Avalanches, Solja Boy and Uffie all making come backs it’s time to rethink your MySpace top 8.

by Wendy Syfret
13 April 2016, 7:51am

Maybe this has been a good week for your adult self, maybe it hasn't. Maybe you had bills to pay, people to take care of and responsibilities wearing you down. Well, take a sliver of solace in the fact that your inner teenager is having a sick one. Things got off to a good start when Lil Yachty came through with on a previous promise to resurrect Soulja Boy. Earlier in the year the young rapper told Complex he was "trying to put Soulja Boy back on the map," insisting he "could do it. He just gotta rebrand himself and he could still have the whole youths attention." At the time, it could have been seen as a throw away statement, but then he told VFILES a project was officially in the works, adding, "We're gonna make a mixtape together, we're gonna make the Pretty Boy Millionaires 2 mixtape."

It's hard to imagine, but Soulja wasn't even this week's most exciting prodigal son-today's Splendour line up announcement included more comebacks than Netflix. The Cure, The Strokes and The Avalanches will all be playing this year's festival, immediately transporting us to a time before you'd heard of a Hipster, but were secretly proud to be called Indie. Now if the Avalanches want to throw in their mythical second album we can pretty much rip up our high school bucket list right now.

Rounding out every subcultural obsession you had before exiting your teens, there was even something for the party kids. Uffie-aka the queen of MySpace and the the woman who taught you that you don't need to wash your hair everyday-also teased new tracks on her Facebook. If they make it into the world, they'll be her first new releases in six years. The tracks Tied Up and Sassy retain a lot of her classic bratty/cool vibes, with a solid serve of 2016 pop. Perfect for practicing a smokey eye and drinking $5 beers to.

Alsom the Vengaboys are coming out, but we're gonna let you unpack that in the privacy of your own home.

While all this nostalgia is comforting, it's not totally a product of sentimental producers and promoters. Many of these acts have been laying low for years, meaning they're not only more affordable to book but also have less pack schedules to work around. Plus, they're appealing to a very juicy demographic. As weird it is to think about, but millennials-with our real jobs, limited kids and flowing disposable incomes-are massive money makers.

For now, considering people are clearly in the business to pilfering our memories, can we suggest a few other options? Put us down for a some White Stripes, Destiny's Child and Sisqo action. If you want to throw in an O.C reunion show we wouldn't mind either. We're not counting Marisa's Dancing with the Stars appearance.


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