​gala dawn richards

i-D heads to Auckland to capture the best of New Zealand Fashion Week.

by i-D Staff
25 August 2016, 12:34am

Star Sign?

What are you wearing?
A cord jacket with super warm lining—it's second hand. The dress is from an op-shop, too.

Who are you in love with?
Woah tricky. They know who they are…

Which show are you most excited for at NZFW?
Wynn Hamlyn was exciting, Eugenie was a must see. Honestly it's all exciting—New Zealand creatives are killing it!

Who are your favourite Kiwi designers?
Oliver Guyon, Wynn Hamlyn, Ed Richards, Georgia and Jacob Faull from Nature Baby, Eugenie, Shark Week are on a good buzz too. It's all so good. Kiwis, ammirite?



Photography James K Lowe

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james k lower
​gala dawn richards
​gala richards