the soundtrack to your weekend ft. sega bodega, kedr livanskiy and kali uchis

Not at Glastonbury? Who cares! Here's some nice new music.

by Frankie Dunn
23 June 2017, 10:41pm

Kali Uchis and Jorja Smith, Tyrant
Like the top comment on YouTube says, Kali's voice makes us want to "lie back on a pool floatie, drinking something cold waiting for the police to come arrest me for murdering my 65 year old husband." We love Kali. We love Jorja. We love this iconic video. 

Toulouse, Reach Out
We first came across lowkey soulster Toulouse via SG Lewis a couple of weeks back. Guest artiste on his new banger - the very good Time We Had - Big Sam is convinced of the New York vocalist's imminent superstardom (see this rather excited tweet) and, while the whole project appears shrouded in mystery for the time being (think big hats, loads of dry ice), with a pair of lungs like that, who's going to argue? 

Anna of the North, Lovers
The pulsing bass of this nice Scandi pop daydream will grip you from the start. Anna of the North's new video is one for the lovers: of tropical fish, of piles of bodies, and of beautiful Norwegians with lovely voices shining a little light on same sex couples in music videos.

Kedr Livanskiy, Ariadna
Our mate Yana from Russia (a new romantic with a deep love of synths and mythology) is about to put out her debut album via 2MR and this is the title track. Compared to past releases it's less techno, more heavenly shoegaze, and was named after the greek goddess who gave Theseus a sword to slay the minotaur with. Hero!

SZA, Drew Barrymore
Well, looks like we finally got what we wanted here in the form of a music video that lives up to the greatness of the song itself. You're hanging with the coolest crew in NY now so expect sledging in the dark, naked laundry, and dancing all night long, with an appearance from real life Drew Barrymore during SZA's smoke break at 2:15. Keep an eye out for the best street crossing since The Beatles popped out of Abbey Road to get a Twix back in '69. 

Ariel Pink, Another Weekend
Looks like someone's been listening to Chalino Sanchez. Taken from his forthcoming album Dedicated To Bobby Jameson, Ariel's Another Weekend comes with this beautiful washed out, late night scenario courtesy of everyone's favourite director Grant Singer. Every day, he tells us, at about five in the evening he thinks through all that went wrong. We don't condone this behaviour because we've been giving mindfulness a go recently and it basically tells you to do the opposite. 

Sega Bodega, Nivea
If you were at Glastonbury right now, you may well have been this person. Having the time of your life, sure, but due a crashing come down before Lorde's set tonight. Fuck FOMO. As far as Nivea goes, Sega Bodega's is nothing like the soft and gentle stuff we're familiar with. It's the opposite. And it's brilliant. He made us a mix not so long ago and it was great, so give that a go too. 

cktrl, Fall
Be honest, when was the last time you saw a clarinet? London producer and NTS presenter cktrl takes us right back to school with the video for his sweet 2017 love song in three parts. We think he's secretly fallen for his car, wbu? 

Beach Fossils, Sugar
Backwards sitting down skating is a real skill, and NY band Beach Fossils should know. While the tune is ideal for sticking on headphones and pretending you're in your own movie, the video is all the inspiration you need to go make friends with strangers as you skate through the city with Soko.

Jax Jones, Instruction feat. Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don
We're not afraid to admit that we think this banger is hot like sriracha. In fact, when it comes to making an addictive summer tune, step one: get Demi Lovato involved. Step two: Get a Stefflon Don feature. And that's pretty much it. Jax Jones is doing instructions better than IKEA. Have a good weekend, you lot!

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