the london club night exploring the reasons behind brexit

The third in VFD’s new series of film nights takes place this evening, with all proceeds going to the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais.

by Matthew Whitehouse
02 September 2016, 11:15am

The third in a new series of film nights takes place at London's VFD this evening with a lineup dedicated to the mainstream media's portrayal of Brexit.

Beginning with a screening of Sheena Sumaria's Why We Voted Leave: Voices From Northern England, the event will feature a talk with Emma Dabiri on the marginalised communities that voted to leave as well as a party featuring DJ sets from PersianPins, UNITI and members of Xquisite Nihil.

"We chose this subject as the aftermath of the vote had many liberal minded people angry and I feel that media outlets cottoned on to that and skewed their coverage of leave voters," says the night's organiser Eilidh Nuala Duffy, of a lineup that aims to create a conversation around the conditions that compelled voters to leave.

She continues: "It's only by understanding why Brexit happened that we can try to move on in a positive way - not by denying its existence but recognising it and welcoming it as a change that might not be positive for everyone, but may have positive effects in the future."

Visuals on the night will be provided by artist Harriet Scott, with all proceeds going to the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais.

The club night is split into two sections with the screening running from 8pm - 10pm and costing £3 (plus entry to the party); and the party running 11pm - 3am and costing £5. 


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