fat white family's new video tinfoil deathstar is a shock-and-awe assault on boring good taste

The whitest boys on the beach continue their sonic-visual assault with trippy new Vietnam referencing video.

by Felix Petty
23 May 2016, 1:15pm

Fat White Family's new album, Songs For Our Mothers, is the most singularly, disturbingly amazing sonic adventure of the year so far. Turning dark motorik kraut rhythms into a visceral, shock-and-awe assault on boring mainstream indie band culture. Lead single, Whitest Boy On The Beach was a rather glam hymn for the untermensch. Speaking to i-D earlier this year, singer and guitarist Saul described the new work as "going for a 'glorious strength of the people thing' but actually just looked like we'd walked out of Auschwitz".

New video Tinfoil Deathstar continues the Laibach-esque detournement of the tropes of militarism; featuring old school 3D visions of military parades before cutting to the band dressed in trad South East Asian headgear playing in front of a backdrop of videos of various Vietnam-era conflicts of exploding bombs, burning cities and napalm explosions.

"Yeah its a jam innit?" Saul explained in the same interview. "It's like a Micheal Jackson song -- It's like Bille Jean…"

The boys are playing a homecoming show this autumn at the O2 Academy in Brixton on Saturday 17 September, with Black Lips in support. The poster for the gig features the five lads riding a bomb through sky emblazoned with their prescient call to arms of Yuppies Out.


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