dutch fur promoter ordered to remove misleading “ethically sourced” claim

FURlab must remove statements found to be misleading by the Dutch advertising standards agency after a complaint made by PETA was upheld.

by Charlotte Gush
09 June 2016, 4:05pm

FURlab, a Dutch initiative set up to promote fur to the fashion industry and the public, has been ordered by Advertising Code, the Dutch advertising standards agency, to remove "unsubstantiated claims" about their ability to guarantee that fur is "ethically sourced" from its website, after they were found to be misleading.

The website claimed that "FURlab can completely guarantee that your product is derived from 100% percent ethical fur," because the animals were killed in countries that have the 'Origin Assured' stamp. However, the 'Origin Assured' hallmark was created by the International Fur Federation, another organisation set up to -- you guessed it -- promote fur.

The complaint, made by animal rights campaigners PETA, references investigations in countries that are 'Origin Assured' that "documented that animals were imprisoned in small, barren cages; covered with faeces; and driven insane by the confinement". PETA argued that for FURlab to say they could guarantee that fur was "ethically sourced" because it came from a country dubbed 'Origin Assured' was misleading, and the Advertising Code agree.

The Advertising Code report concludes that the average consumer could be misled into making a decision to buy the fur, that they wouldn't have made otherwise. Under the advertising rules, therefore, the statement was found to be misleading and unfair.

PETA UK Director Mimi Bekhechi says, "The Dutch fur industry's attempt to dupe the public into believing that raising and killing millions of animals every year for their fur can ever be anything but a violent and bloody business has failed miserably," noting that, "With the Dutch ban on fur farming due to take effect in 2024, it's time for the fur industry to accept that there is no future in torturing animals for their skin and find a more humane way to make a living".


Text Charlotte Gush
Image via PETA

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